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eStability is a short term for the HL7 Drug Stability Report RMIM that captures information relevant for the drug stability testing process. This testing is required in the United States as a component of the drug regulatory process. It verifies the correctness of a manufacturer's claims related to the stability - the ability to be stored over time without losing its therapeutic effectiveness - of a product.

This website is meant as a platform to support all individuals and companies that implement this standard.

For this, the website is split into a static part (where you are now) where you find the basic information on the standard and all related documents. The information concerning the standard, the examples and information beyond the basic documents are authored by a small team in a "community" wiki - all questions, upcomming issues and problems using the standard and the related tools are discussed in associated forum.


Version 2 files available in donwload section

The schema files (.xsd) and Visio chart (embedded in an .xls) of the revised message is now available in the download section.